I Was Born in K-Town, Cameroon - in the second moon

There probably wasn't much else going on in the town, except that -as always- it was hot.

Surely all the excitement was in the living room 

of the quite-nice house, just off the muddy-when-it's-rained /dusty-when-it's-not 

Buea road, of K-Town.

Now if you don't know K-Town, boy do i have a story for you!

But before that - i was born some few hours after all that excitement had subsided. [Excitement caused by a visit from my Grand-Aunty (head of the Village Courts) who had shown up unannounced (no one in Afrique announces they're visiting)]. LOL.

Sometime after mid-day, 

in a mid-size hospital a taxi-ride away 

from the mid-size quarters in which the quite-nice house sat, 

a few midwives helped my mother bring me to life, and that my friends was my start. 

Jump forward four and 1/2 years, 

and i knew i wanted to be song-making; 

for it was set-in-stone in my consciousness, yes 

- that this exactly, i would be doing.

So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about moi, songmanM0000SE. 

[there isn't much to know L.O.L. except that] i hope you enjoy the songs. And... voila!