Before You (i swear i was a mess)

Check out this fun video - about how you go from zero-to-hero, because someone came along - and suddenly you felt super-hero strong!

Christmas Time In Africa (i miss you now that i'm far)

'You Remind Me' (Dr. King tribute song)

"Behind the song":

In 2002, on Dr. King's birthday weekend, i was inspired. I believe i was inspired by the spirit of that weekend - and by the man who's dreams and hopes we were taking time off to reflect upon, to begin writing this song. 

Then the next year, on the same weekend, i completed the song. 

I made this studio-recording, starting at about 11 a.m., on election day, November 2008, when Barack Obama was being voted into office.

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Songs In The Key Of Me


Songs i wrote for me. And now i share them with you.